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Ryan’s World 755 Exclusive Gold Mega Mystery Surprise Treasure Chest


Kids will have the biggest Ryan’s World unboxing experience to date when they dive into Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest. The pirate themed chest itself doubles as a sturdy storage case which is always a bonus for moms. Age 3+

• Get 3 of 6 Possible Mystery Figure

• Get 1 of 3 Possible Mystery Vehicle

• New Cap’n Ryan’s Dig and Discover

• Get 1 of 5 Possible Mystery Putty

• Get 1 of 2 Possible Mystery Gear

• Exclusive Build a Ryan Custom Mystery Figure

CAUTION:Prolonged contact between goo or putty with fabrics, such as carpeting and furniture may result in staining. Remove goo or putty from fabrics as soon as possible to avoid staining.

For ‘dig it’ blocks, recommend using the dig it tool provided to dig it. for safety concern, do not use sharp tools to dig it.


Weight 8.85 kg
Dimensions 45 × 23 × 33 cm


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