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Taf Toys 12275 Prince the Penguin Baby Soother with Music, Lights and Sound Sensor

  • Taf Toys develop and design toys that help to create a smoother parenting experience allowing you to  focus on enjoying every moment with you baby. Whether its mealtime, bedtime or going on a stroll.
  • Delightful, first toy for baby to soothe and calm at bedtime and entertain during the day. help babies sleep and allow parents to receive some well deserved rest!
  • 3 Play Options:
    1. Soothing Mode
    – “Soothing mode” sounds include water stream, shushing and rain white
    noise sounds, accompanied by soft light.
    – Each sound plays for 15 minutes, just long enough for baby to drift off to sleep.
    – The toy’s standby mode starts after the toy plays 15 minutes of
    soothing sounds. The music will re-activate if or when the baby will start
    crying or make a noise.
    – The sound sensor re-activates music & light when baby starts crying,
    bringing him back to sleep.
    2. Play Mode
    – “Play mode” sounds include 4 melodies with child voice.
    3. Light Mode
    – “Light mode” activates 10 minutes of soft night light.
    – The music is activated by pulling the string and teether or by pressing
    the toy’s belly.
    – Playing with the toy encourages baby’s senses development, fine and
    gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
    – Safety tested to meet our high standards.
  • Activating Options
    1. Pull teether and string to activate  music & light.
    2. Press belly to activate music & light.
  • Packaging Measurements: 15.6 x 7 x 28.3cm


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