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Taf Toys 12555 All Around Me Activity Hoop Perfect for Tummy-Time

  • Taf Toys develop and design toys that help to create a smoother parenting experience allowing you to  focus on enjoying every moment with you baby. Whether its mealtime, bedtime or going on a stroll.
  • Unique Product for newborns and up. A round hoop that circles baby and provides him with plenty of age matched activities to encourage practicing a variety of body positioning while playing. Exploring the delightful textures and sounds will aid to promote baby’s senses, motor skills and cognitive development.
  • Encourage baby to lie in different poses and strengthen muscles for pivoting and crawling.
  • 3 Developmental stages
    Stage 1 (0-2m): Featuring Rainbow baby safe mirror and four
    felt art cards with high contrast illustrations to promote
    baby’s vision while side lying.
    Stage 2 (2-3m): Featuring 4 colorful felt art cards, round
    double sided Koala soft panel with crinkle filling and a
    weighted textured leaf filled with plastic beans.
    Promote baby’s gross motor skills and vision development
    while lying on back/side lying /tummy time.
    Stage 3 (3-5m): Featuring rattle ring with string ties, snail
    rattle with teether and a cushiony squeaking plushed koala
    toy with a fluffy fabric, crinkle, ribbons and a baby teether.
    Promote baby’s fine motor skills and encourage him to
    reach out & grasp while lying on back/side lying/tummy time.
    – Safety tested to meet our high standards.
    – Easy to assemble
    – Easy to store
  • Features:
    4 x contrast pattern cards
    Padded rainbow & baby-safe mirror
    Padded koala head with squeaker crinkle ears, textured fabric & baby Joey teether.
    Snail rattle with ring teether
    2X complex colorful cards
    Clear ring rattle with 3 sensory fabric ties
    Double sided tactile textured Leaf with weighted beads filling
    2X complex contrast cards
    Double sided koala crinkle blankie
  • Item Measurements Ø 90cm, Ø 35.5’’
  • Packaging Measurements: 44 x 9 x 27cm


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