KEYWEST INTERNATIONALE SALES is a marketing company focusing on educational products since 2006. We are an exclusive distributor of many famous international brands such as Amazing Toys, Lakeshore Learning Materials, SmartLab Toys and Crane USA.

Our customers include pre-schools, toy Stores, bookstores and major department Stores all over the Philippines.

Having been in this industry for this many years, we have established ourselves as one of the country’s leading distributor of educational toys, with over a hundred different designs to choose from including puzzles, building blocks, train sets, montessori toys, doll houses, , science toys, craft toys, IQ games and other educational toys.

At Keywest, quality toys mean the combination of play and educational value integrated in safe and original designs. The company aims to provide products that will enhance a child’s development and at the same time provide social values. With an aim to enhance children’s development of coordination and creativity, the company has set up its house brand YOUNG MINDZ with over 100 different designs.

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