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Canal Toys DSM002 Anti-Bacterial Doctor Slime Pet Vet Slime Case

  • ENJOY PLAY WITH SLIME TO HEAL YOUR PET: Find out 2 cute Pets! they are covered with germs, it’s up to you to treat them! First diagnose your pet using the decoder tool on its belly to find out what illness it has. Look on the medical card to find out which color of slime is needed to treat it. It’s time to heal him now! Suck the slime with the syringe and apply it on him. Wow! It’s magical, the germs disappear as if by magic and new shapes appear in their place!Great, he’s healed!
  • COLOR REVEAL PETS: Enjoy the color reveal experience by removing the white marks diseases thanks to the cold slime. So fun to use with the syringe! the slime flows over the animal to heal him!
  • DISCOVER AND COLLECT 12 CUTE PETS: Serie 1 includes 12 Style to collect.
  • CONTAINS ANTI-BACTERIAL SLIME: The kit includes an innovative patented formula of Anti-Bacterial Slime that eliminates real bacteria on your hands while your play!
  • COOL STORAGE CADDY : Cool storage caddy to carry your Pets and Slime along with you. A product suitable for children from 6 years old


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