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Canal Toys Anti-Bacterial Doctor Slime Pet Vet Slime – Series 2


  • Doctor Slime Vet Pet
    Heal your cute pet with slime that kills 99.9% of germs!
  • Colourful collectible character
    The perfect gift for the budding vet in the house. This unique pet, one of 12 to collect, comes with its own pot of slime, a decoder to diagnose and a syringe to treat them with.


    Diagnose your pet
    Use the special decoder to see what your poor pet has got.
  • Look up the bug
    Diagnose the symptoms with the chart.
  • Load the syringe
    Use the syringe to collect the temperature activate slime.
  • Treat your pet
    Now treat your pet and see the colour change as it becomes better!
  • Child safe, kills germs!
    Non-sticky and containing no alcohol, our slime is child-safe. Educating children about the importance of hygiene can be a challenge. Sanitising our hands can now be done easily through play.
  • Temperature Activated
    Easy to use, the pet changes colour with the chilled slime which resets with warm water,
  • Hours of fun
    Each character is adorable and with 12 to collect there are hours of fun to be had!
  • INCLUDES – 2 Color Change Pets, 2 Anti-Bacterial Slimes, 1 Slime Syringe, 2 Medical Cards, 1 Decoder Tool, 1 sticker sheet, 1 Instruction sheet.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR – ages 6 and up
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Weight 0.72 kg
Dimensions 6 × 20 × 21 cm


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