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Canal Toys Anti-Bacterial Doctor Slime Pet Vet Slime Ambulance


    Peel off the top bandage sticker from your pet.
    Use the decoder to find your pet’s illness.
    Use the decoder on the medical card to diagnose your pet. Fill out your pet’s medical card.
    Push the plunger all the way into the slime syringe.
    Put the top of the slime syringe into the slime bottle and slowly pull out the plunger to fill with all the slime.
    Slowly press down the plunger and apply the slime onto the white marks on your pet.
    Watch the slime change the colour of the marks and cure your pet!
    When finished treating your pet or playing with your slime, put it back into the bottle to store it.


  • EXTRA TIP: Colour reverse with warm water for endless fun! To change colour marks back to white marks, place your pet’s face in warm water (around 30C / 86F). Wow! You can now start treating your pet again.
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Weight 1.71 kg
Dimensions 32 × 10 × 26 cm


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