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Canal Toys So Slime – Fidget Slime Kit


Create amazing satisfying slime sensations with this Fidget Slime Kit! Each kit includes 800g of slime! Mixture of coloured and clear, super stretchy, gooey slimes!

Add in the 12 squishy fun fidget toys to create even more sensory effects! So ASMR! Store your slimes in the re-sealable bags provided to keep them squishy and slimy.

  • Contents: 800g slime and 12 squishy fidget toys
  • Create satisfying and fun sensations with slime and fidget toys!
  • Kit includes 800g slime, coloured & clear
  • Mix in 12 fidget toys for even more ASMR effects!
  • Re-sealable bags provided for slime storage
  • Safe, non-toxic, boron free, glue free slime!
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Additional Information

Weight 0.83 kg
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 24 cm


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