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Crackin’ Eggs Jurassic Friends Meteors Dino Toxic Krater w/ Light & Roar Sound LARGE EGG


  • Crackin’ Eggs! The last dinosaurs of the Jurassic era.
    They are mischievous, playful, and funny. They are the fiercest in all the Valley (or at least they try to be).
  • They are extremely rambunctious and very restless, but always having a good time!
    Meet your new Jurassic friends!
  • Always looking for new adventures and reasons to make some mischief.
    Friendship comes first and they make the best memories in the company of other dinos.
    Although their roars shake the ground, they are soft and adorable creatures! (And a little rogue).
    Don’t forget it!
    The Crackin’ Eggs are Ready to Rumble!!

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Weight 2.52 kg
Dimensions 18.40 × 18.40 × 26.00 cm


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