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Ryan’s World Giant World Mystery Egg Red


The award-winning Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg celebrates its 8th edition in Fall 2022. Kids can be just like Ryan from Ryan’s World when they unbox their Giant Mystery Egg from Bonkers Toys! The Series 8 Egg features even more variety and surprises. Which vehicle will you get? The Heli-Peck-tor? The Alpha-Lexus? Or maybe Gus’ Gator Grinder? Also featuring a fun-filled assortment of mystery figures, a squishy figure, putty, and stickers. The flagship toy in the Ryan’s World line, stands at almost a foot tall and has been selling out at retailers across the country.

• Based on Ryan’s World, one of the most popular kids YouTube channels on the planet
• Giant egg is filled with surprises including 1 of 3 new vehicles in a variety of colors, 4 new exclusive figures, a squishy figure, putty, and stickers.

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Additional Information

Weight 3.87 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 30 cm


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