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Cikoo Super Crossbow Soaker Summer Toy Water Gun Pistol Bath Toys for Kids Outdoor Sports


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  • This water pistol will keep your children entertained with friends especial in summer holiday as they pour water into the blue bottle.
  • This unique water gun shoots like a real Crossbow
  • Suitable for age 3years ,To improve hand and eye co-ordination,creativity and enhances fine motor skills
  • High quality materials ensure durability and safety is a best gift for outdoor sports toys
  • Blasts up to 4-10M and holds up to 140ml of water around 335g when filled (This bottle can substitute larger capacity of the bottle)
  • Size: 32*22*41cm

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Weight 0.309 kg
Dimensions 7 × 31.8 × 16.8 cm


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